Information for Chirnside Residents

Jim Clark 50th Anniversary Event, 6/7/8 April 2018

Arrangements for parking and road closure.

As you may be aware, Chirnside Common Good Association are organising an event, ‘Jim Clark – Chirnside’s World Champion’, to mark the 50th anniversary of Jim’s death.  Because of the arrangements for the weekend, we wanted to let you know how you may by affected by the extra visitors to the village.  Thank you for your co-operation in making this event a fitting tribute to Jim, who is still ranked as one of the most talented drivers the motor racing world has seen.

The main events are as follows;

  • An exhibition in the Community Centre on all 3 days.
  • On the Friday the exhibition will be officially opened at 12.00.
  • On the Saturday there is a memorial service in the Parish Church at 15.00. Club Lotus will be using the school grounds for parking.
  • On the Sunday there will be a display of Jim Clark’s cars in the Common Good car park (which will be closed to the public) at Southview Church and Club Lotus, plus other cars will be on display in the school grounds.

The Common Good car park at Crosshill will be closed to the public for some of the weekend (Sunday and possibly Saturday).  See local notice.

To ensure the safety of visitors and residents, the section of road between Crosshill and South Crofts will be officially closed to traffic between 08.00 and 18.00. on Sunday 8th.

There will be a No Waiting restriction on Main Street between the Red Lion and the Bowling Club between 13.00 and 20.00 on Saturday 7th and 08.00 and 18.00 on Sunday 8th.

There will be a No Waiting restriction on the A6105 from the 30mph limit start, to past the school entrance between 13.00 and 20.00 on Saturday 7th and between 08.00 and 18.00 on Sunday 8th.

There will be a No Waiting restriction at the Lower end of Kirkgate for the service on Saturday the 7th between 13.00 and 20.00.

The main event car park will be in the Common Good Park behind the Bowling Club.

Thank you again and we hope if you come along, that you enjoy the event.



  1. Will there be disabled parking available on the Sunday?

    • Blue Badge holders will be accommodated in the village centre, as close as possible to the Community Centre, please speak to the marshall who will be stationed at Crosshill road closed signs, by the Community Centre

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