Found at Jim Clark exhibition

Friends and Visitors.

A Photo memory card was handed in at the end of the Jim Clark exhibition. If you think it is your precious lost images please contact us via the contact us form, on the front of the web page. Please give us sufficient information about what’s on it and the size of the card. We will then st about reuniting you with your images.  


  1. The Jim Clark weekend was well worth our pilgrimage from Sydney Australia. I was honored with the display of my photos from 1968
    I received many compliments over the weekend and I trust every one else enjoyed them tòo.
    My resume personal thanks to everyone involved in this important weekend tribute.

  2. I agree with Rod.
    We are back in Australia now but the long trip was certainly justified. It was an honour to be part of the activities to remember such a great sporting champion who Rod and I had the pleasure of seeing race in Australia.
    Also good to meet so many like -minded supporters of Jim and Team Lotus.
    My wife winning the beautiful “Jim Clark-Racing Hero” publication with all those signatures of key people in Jim’s life, was fantastic. The only problem is she won’t let me read it till my 70th birthday in October! I can’t wait!
    Thanks again for organising such a successful event.

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