Jim Clark Anniversary souvenir programmes for Chirnside School

Doug Niven, Jim Clark’s cousin and Simon Wright from Chirnsided Common Good Association were at Chirnside School this week to present signed copies of the anniversary programme to the pupils. This was to thank them for their part in the successful ‘Jim Clark, Chirnside’s World Champion’ event in April. All the pupils in primary 1 to 7 made a wonderful contribution in the form of art work, writing and ‘Meccano’ models of racing cars, assisted by Bill Gardner.

For Doug the involvement of the school and the display was the highlight of the weekend, as he is passionate about passing on the legacy of the unassuming local farmer, who became a multiple world champion racing driver.After an introduction by school head, Sally Leighton, the children sang .

picture of Doug Nivan with Sally Leighton (Head Teacher)

Doug Nivan with Sally Leighton (Head Teacher)

Doug then talked about Jim Clark, the person and the racing driver and the effect of his tragic early death in 1968 at Hockenheim race circuit in Germany. He showed some memorabilia including one of Jim’s racing suits and then presented the signed programmes to representatives of each class, as well as prints from Jim’s career for their classrooms.

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