Common Good and Community Council Drop In events 20th & 23rd November 2019

The Community Council and Common Good held some drop in events to seek public opinion on current projects running in our village. There were 2 open opportunities for residents of Chirnside to express their views about current issues with in our village.

  •  Community Garden
  •  Village Enhancements & Planters
  •  Tennis Court
  •  Play Parks
  •  Grass cutting

For those of you who were unable to attend here are the presentations and displays shown at the events. The issues raised will be discussed at the Community Council meeting on 27th November 2019. all residents of Chirnside are welcome to attend as observers. (Presentation runs for 7 minutes, each slide shows for 15 secs)


Thanks to those who came along to the drop in sessions in the community Centre, run by the Community Council and Common Good. There were useful discussions around current projects and some new issues raised for the Community Council to raise with SBC.
<h5>Current issues;</h5>
1. Mowing policy of SBC.
<em>The main discussion centred around the changes in village maintenance, brought on by budget reduction pressures on the Borders Council. Consensus was reached on some contentious issues and a way forward can be planned.</em>
2. The work done by volunteers, their funding and insurance liability.
<em>Some form of support for the volunteers is being investigated, as is the liability issue.</em>
3. Windram Play Park Developer Contribution.
<em>New equipment prices and ideas have been received and a decision will be made early next year. The regular maintenance issues have been raised with SBC, who have undertaken to address them.</em>
4. Lammerview play park review.
<em>No decision reached by SBC on action.</em>
5. Tennis court refurbishment.
<em>A second, revised quote is being obtained, prior to submitting a Fund bid to SBC</em>.
6. Community garden.
<em>Revised plans are being put in place for a site associated with the new allotments on the old football practice pitch adjacent to the tennis court.</em>
<h5>Other issues raised were;</h5>
a) The poor condition of the footway across the old garage forecourt on Main Street (east) and in front of one property near the old bank.
<em>The first has been raised with SBC and the second has yet to be visited and passed on.</em>
b) The untidy appearance of the long bank at Northfield Terrace. It is currently cut only twice (?) a year by tractor.
<em>This large plot has potential to be turned into a more attractive and more easily maintained area. CCGA, through the Enhancement Group will lead on this, initially by consulting with SBC.</em>
c) Litter.
<em>No extra bins will be provided by SBC. Use of existing bins is monitored and underused bins can be relocated if required after consultation. Extra bins would have little or no effect on roadside litter, which is a behavioural issue.</em>
d) Dog fouling.
<em>A dog warden is employed by SBC, the role is mainly around education and awareness raising. CCC will look into accessing this service.</em>
e) Speeding along Main Street (east).
<em>This was raised as a problem at the East End. Raised with SBC councillors at CC meeting and a request submitted for a road survey to measure speeds and flow. The idea of a 40mph restriction around the approaches to the village entrance was raised, (Reston road, Ayton road and Long Hill). A speed measuring display was also discussed but funding would be needed as costs several thousand pounds.</em>
f) Encroachment of private hedges onto public footways.
<em>There are many locations in the village where hedges are encroaching onto the public footways causing a hazard to pedestrians. If the responsible householder does not address the issue once notified of the issue then SBC are legally entitled to undertake the remedial work and charge the householder for so doing.</em>

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