Great for Pollinators

Grass area on the Common Good Park
grass with wild flowers

The Park is owned by the Common Good but maintained by SBC, (which they are under no obligation to do), at no cost to the CG. The cost for carrying out this work (including the Field of Hope) if we were to be charged, is around £7000/year. As part of the Council cost reduction exercise and the aim of encouraging other plant species and insects for biodiversity, the area has been left uncut.
Even in one season there is an increase in plant interest, including more white clover, which is great for pollinators such as bees and seed bearing plants for birds such as goldfinches.
goldfinches on feeder
A vital part of this plan is to cut and remove the season’s growth before the autumn, which the council have the machine to do and we are pressing them to carry this out. The removal of grass cuttings reduces the growth the stronger grasses, giving less competitive plants a chance. The same will apply to the ‘ambulance station field’, where ‘rides’ have been maintained but the majority has been left uncut.
bees on clover
Obviously SBC is still operating under some Covid-19 restrictions, including work practices and re-deployment of staff but this is gradually improving. The Common Good and Community Council are actively discussing with them the way forward for village maintenance.

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