David Hume – His Local Legacy

Extracts from the Testament of David Hume

David Hume Second lawful son of Joseph Hume of Ninewells Advocate for the love and affection I bear to John Hume of Ninewells My Brother and for other causes, do by these present under the reservations and burdens after mentioned Give and dispone to the Said John Hume or if he die before me, to David Hume his Second Son his heirs and assignees whatsoever all Lands heritages debt and Sums of Money as well heretable as movable which shall belong to me at the time of my death as also my whole Effects in general real and personal with and under the burden of the following Legacies. Vizt To my Sister Katherine Hume the sum of twelve hundred pounds Sterling payable at the first term of Whit Sunday or Martinmas after me decease together with all my English books, and the live rent of My house in James’s Court or in case that house be sold at the time of my decease, twenty Pounds sterling a year during the whole course of her life. I also ordain that if I die any where in Scotland I shall be buried in a private Manner in the Calton Church Yard, the South Side of it, and a Monument be built over my body at an expense not exceeding one hundred pounds with an inscription containing only my name with the year of My birth and death, leaving it to posterity to add the rest.

I also leave for the rebuilding of the Bridge of Chirnside the Sum of one hundred pounds but in condition that the Managers of the Bridge Shall take none of the Stones for building the bridge from the Quarry of Ninewells except from that part of the Quarry which has been already opened. I leave to my Nephew Joseph the Sum of Fifty pounds to enable him to make a good and sufficient and sewer round the house of Ninewells but on condition that is that drain and sewer be not made from whatever cause within a year of my death the said fifty pounds shall be paid to the poor of the parish of Chirnside.

Ref: Testament of David Hume

sketch of Chirnside Bridge

image John G Vickers

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