His Legacy

With Jim Clark’s death, the whole climate of motor racing changed. When the news came through a sensation of disbelief and grief descended like a cloud on the sport. In Jim Clark, there had been a driver with unsurpassed skill. When the unthinkable happened the price seemed too high, things had to change.

Jim Clark, sketch in notebook

© DWD-Comp / Alamy Stock Photo

After Jim’s death, Jackie Stewart’s reforming zeal and his great driver safety crusade gathered pace. The accidents of Scarfiotti, Spence, Rindt and Rodriguez, all on the grid of Jim’s final Grand Prix, quickened the pace of reform.

The thought that even the greatest driver of all was vulnerable, ensured that extensive changes were brought in to improve safety, for drivers and spectators.

The Jim Clark Foundation was set up in 1968 as an international charitable trust, it’s aim, to promote and assist research into safety, both on the road and in racing. Projects included fireproof clothing for drivers, aerodynamic devices on racing cars and passenger car safety.

A group of Classic Racing cars from different eras and groups, parade around the Silverstone Circuit, for the 2017 Silverstone Classic Media Day

© John Gaffen / Alamy Stock Photo

Today the motor racing world is a much safer place. 50 years on from his death, Jim Clark is remembered with great esteem and affection, worldwide and in his home town of Chirnside.

“He was a very special guy” Dan Gurney

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