Jim Clark Exhibition

Community Centre with Jim Clark bannerChirnside hosted an exhibition remembering the 50th anniversary of Jim Clark’s death. The exhibition  presented information about Jim Clark’s childhood and his life as a young farmer in Chirnside from memories of local Villagers.

The exhibition comprised sections which cover Jim’s school days, farming career, early races in the Borders plus his F1 and Indianapolis career.

The exhibits have now been returned to the private collections  Some of the artefacts were not on public display before.

Images from the weekend are now available from Mark Kinghorn Photography: 

Friday 6th April

Saturday 7th April

Sunday 8th April

The Jim Clark – The Chirnside Champion Exhibition will remember him and his life around the Borders as well as F1 career.

For more about the Jim Clark Story have a look at these pages from the Jim Clark – The Chirnside Champion Exhibition:

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