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Extracts from a discharge by George Home of Wedderburn in 1709

I George Home younger of Wedderburn grant one to have received from Mr Joseph Home of Ninewells advocate the soume of seven pounds six shilling scots money and thirty three years fewduty of those two husband lands in Hutton of old —– by James Bowmaker quh (which)are excepted forth of the contract of —– off conditions of the comty holder be the said Mr Joseph Home of me. And that from Whitsunday (date and year) (scored out) years to Whitsunday (date and year) and nyne years left by past?) And therefore I —– and discharge the said Mr Joseph Home of that thirty three years few duty off the two husband lands allanerly And I —– and oblige me and warrant this discharge at all lands and aye all dead by in witness wherof I have —– these points written be James Windram —– of Berwick att Dunse this thirty day of May (year/date) and nine year before those witnesses George Purvis Maltman in Dunse and by said James Windram.

G Hume

Signed George Purvis       witnes

               James Windram witnes

image of-extract from discharge by george home.



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